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InPlanEd - Integrated Planning Approaches in higher Education:

Collaborative Educational Prototype towards Integrated Approaches

in the Planning of Inclusive, People-centric and Climate-resilient Cities

InPlanEd is a KA2 Cooperation Partnership Erasmus+ project in the field of Higher Education, led by NTUA, with the participation of UCY, commonspace, noumena and AESOP.

Its main objective is to develop, pilot and assess innovative educational methods, tools and material towards an integrated planning approach that takes –holistically- into account urban planning/design, mobility planning, participatory planning and evidence-based planning.

Αn integrated and holistic planning approach is essential for planning a people-centric, inclusive and climate-resilient city. The approach is based on the rationale that, urban and transport actions for tackling climate crisis need to be considered in parallel and in combination, informed by state-of the-art evidence-based findings, and to be community-tailored through participatory planning to ensure the ownership of these measures by all stakeholders, and ultimately their efficiency and long-term prospect.

Notably, this integrated approach is currently missing from the knowledge portfolio of planning-related HED students, practitioners, and technical officers in public administration/city authorities and thus the proposed collaborative learning framework shall provide them with the much-needed skills and capabilities.

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Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium


2023 - 2025 (28 Months)


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus +  programme under the grant agreement No. 2022-1-EL01-KA220-HED-000089374 (Submission ID 1349093)


Project partners

ΝΤUA, Greece

commonspace, Greece

UCY, Cyprus


AESOP, Belgium

Project team

Sofia Tsadari - Project Manager

Dimitris Poulios

Eleni Mougiakou

Dionisia Koutsi

Melina Vlachou

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