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A new international project for participatory design! Erasmus+: InPad

A new international project for participatory design!

We are very happy with the results of the first round of 2020 Erasmus+ projects in the field of “Strategic Partnerships for School Education”.

The project “Participatory Design in Schools: Development of an innovative methodology for public space design in and around schools” is selected for funding.

This interesting endeavor has the main objective of creating a teachers’ guide on Participatory Design and a set of digital tools for students and teachers.

Our satisfaction is even greater due to the excellent consortium from the 4 countries where the project will be implemented.

Two universities from France and Spain (CY Cergy Paris Université & Universidad De Zaragoza), two schools from Spain end Belgium (Colegio Diocesano Pablo VΙ, Sint-Lodewijkscollege), the Belgian NGO “Creative District” and the good Greek partners from IDEK S.A.

It is the first official participation of commonspace as a partner in Erasmus+. Our main responsibility as participatory design experts will be the production of the educational material.

Stay tuned for the next actions, starting from the coming winter!

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