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commonspace is a collaborative – interdisciplinary planning and design group that works since 2012. In 2015 was established as a Social Cooperative Enterprise under the name “CPD Creating Spaces” and in 2017 as a Worker Cooperative under its current name. The wide range of commonspace’s members and associates create a network of experts and scientists involved in Urban and Spatial planning and Environmental Management, combining research work and study projects.

So far, the network has collaborated with Universities, Educational Institutions, Public Benefit Institutions, Municipalities, Regional Governments, NGOs and various Enterprises. We have designed and fulfilled projects, studies and programs funded by various public and private institutions. Furthermore, we have developed scientific work and voluntary action on issues related to urban conflicts and social movements, (critical) sustainable development and environmental protection.

commonspace has created a specifically structured methodology and a set of tools regarding Participatory Planning of Public Space. Our main goal is to promote and empower Participatory Planning as a design paradigm that emphasizes involving the entire community in the strategic and management processes of public space planning.

New name but same values, goals and vision. Collaborative function, interdisciplinary approach, horizontal organization, collective administration, socially useful projects.



commonspace because we design and study the shared/common public space as a node between society, infrastructure and the environment. For us, the planning and management of public space is a “common” research field in which “we are active”.

commonspace because at the heart of our vision lay community and space as complex and multifaceted concepts. We perceive space not only as the recipient of human activities but as a unity that is being transformed by environmental, social, political and economic factors. The challenges of today's era have above all a spatial dimension.

commonspace because cooperation, solidarity and collective administration are fundamental elements of our team and network. We understand equality and dialogue as necessities for our work and everyday life. Interdisciplinarity and integrated approach are concepts interrelated with social utility – the core of our vision for public space.



commonspace provides high quality services in the fields of Spatial Strategies, Architecture, Social Research, Urban and Environmental Design and Participatory Planning by creating/implementing innovative tools and processes. It seeks to be a link between citizens, social institutions and public authorities, a hub for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and practices among citizens, experts and decision-makers.

For each project we follow an integrated approach based on a set of principles, tools and methodologies.

  • Innovative tools and methodologies. Making use of the most up-to-date international trends and good practices, based on the continuous review of global developments and the international experience of our members and associates.

  • Modern technologies, models and programs. Deep knowledge and combined use of multiple tools, applications and software including 2D & 3d design, GIS and web-GIS, Data Analysis and Visualization, Digital Narratives, Storymaps, Building Information Modeling (BIM) etc.

  • Scientific knowledge and research. Continuous review of the current scientific discussion and research on a wide range of cognitive scientific fields. Our members have a rich scientific work including participations in conferences, books publications, peer reviewed scientific articles and research projects.

  • Deep understanding of the institutional framework. Day to day monitoring of changes in the institutional framework regarding urban and spatial planning, structured environment, “protection” frameworks at both national and international level.

  • Complex visualization tools. Utilization of a wide range of image, video and audio editing programs, map production and data visualization. We use drone for map creation, snapshots and visualization. We combine design/planning and scientific work with modern multimedia applications.

  • Great range of services provided. We have experience in a wide range, type and scale of projects from small private to large-scale public; from researches to preparation and coordination of European Projects. Ability to manage the different requirements and difficulties of each project.

  • Focus on social needs and ongoing communication with citizen initiatives and their demands. We combine the role of the specialist and the scholar with the role of the active citizen who understands and listens to the real needs of the city’s inhabitants.

  • Social and Solidarity Economy. Supporting the social economy and cooperative ventures as key aspects of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development.

  • Participatory Planning at the heart of our approach. It includes methodologies, tools and practices that emphasizes involving the entire community in the strategic processes of public space design and management.


All of the above are key elements of our approach. By this methodology our vision  ends up in the range of services we provide.

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