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Eleni Mougiakou is an Agricultural Engineer with a Bachelor-MSc from the Agricultural University of Athens, with a Landscape Architecture specialization. She completed her Master's Degree in Geoinformatics with distinction from the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Geography and Regional Planning.

She has been working in the area of Urban Green-Space Planning and GIS for many years. Having collaborated with Greek Public Authorities as an EU funding - technical consultant and EU project assistant in various relevant projects have allowed her to develop a powerful combination of scientific approach on Spatial Analysis, decision making, management, and multilingual literature research.

In the past few years, she had the opportunity to work individually on public projects and research. Her work involved a large amount of data while participating in scientific teams with leading companies and university labs (Strategic planning / Integrated Territorial Investment, European programs, Project proposals, Design Projects). She has a particular academic/research interest in Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation of urban green spaces and the built environment. She had the opportunity to implement her knowledge in complicated, ‘real-life’ projects, including EU strategies and linked funding opportunities. She works on methodologies, methods, and digital tools (ppWebGIS) of participatory planning and design for the last five years.

She is a co-founder of COMMONSPACE coop and a Certified Facilitator of the Social Solidarity Economy and Community Economic Development [Simon Fraser University of Canada]. She gives lectures and speeches regarding SSE and public policies.

Eleni Mougiakou

Eleni Mougiakou
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