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Our own tank! - Gargle fairy tales
Our own tank! - Gargle fairy tales

Fri, 10 Sept



Our own tank! - Gargle fairy tales

1st HYDRANT FESTIVAL! On Friday, 10/9 we will all complete & decorate together the model of a tank that was co-designed and built by the students of the 12th Primary School of Chalandrio. At the same time, the storyteller and educator, Eleana Hatzakis, will tell young and old "Gargara fairy tales".

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'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

10 Sept 2021, 16:00 – 19:00

Chalandri, Narkisson 2-8, Chalandri 152 33, Greece

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Enjoy, get to know and shape Chalandri through co-creation waterways. From the historic Hadrian aqueduct to modern communities with your water as a common good.

1st HYDRANT Festival

Friday 10 - Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 September 2021


On Friday 10/9 at the Rematia Theater Canteen:

4-6pm - "Our own tank!"

His students12th Primary School of Chalandrio, present the model of a tank they co-designed and built during the Participatory Design workshops they attended during the year. We invite you all to complete/decorate the model of the tank that will be placed in the area of Tufa to water the greenery of the area with water from the Hadrian Aqueduct!

6-7pm - "Gargara fairy tales"

At the same time, the narrator and educator,Eleana Khatzakiswill tell young and old "Gargara fairy tales".

Water and fairy tales have a lot in common! They flow all over the world without knowing borders, quench their thirst and cool off, bring memories of the places they passed and hold within them a calm power that can change the world. As water waters the earth to bloom, so do fairy tales water our imagination, and if, as they say, we humans are made of water, how much more, I will say, we are made of stories! I will share with you gargled stories, folktales from around the world that answer the big questions: who makes the rain? what power does the river have? And who, after all, owns the water?

Eleana Hatzaki is a storyteller and graduate philologist specializing in Literature for children and young people. She has studied acting in theater workshops, voice and kinesiology. Her engagement with the folk tale and its narration began in 2013 with an apprenticeship with the teacher-storyteller Dimitris Prousalis and continues to this day with seminars and storytelling workshops by Lili Lambrelli, Anthi Thanou, Stella Kassimati, Agni Stroumbouli, Magda Kossida, etc. a. He is a founding member of the storytelling group "Paramythoperasmata", while on a personal level he collaborates with musicians and other storytellers. Her storytelling experience begins in 2014 and up to now includes participation in storytelling festivals throughout Greece and abroad, visits to schools and kindergartens, storytelling in social, public and private spaces. Tales that have been edited narratively have been included in collective volumes of publicationsAttempt. At the same time, he is engaged in the research and recording of folk tales and stories, hoping to contribute in some way to the rescue of this folklore, cultural and anthropological treasure - the folk tale. Enjoy, get to know and shape Chalandri through water courses of co-creation. From the historic Hadrian aqueduct to modern communities with your water as a common good.

The Festival takes place within the framework of the Cultural HIDRANT – Urban Innovative Actions

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