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Invisible Athens Stories

The project "Invisible Athens Stories" otherwise "IN-ATHENS" is a project of technological and methodological innovation that refers to the promotion of the cultural heritage of Athens and is implemented within the 2nd cycle "Research-Create-Innovate" of GSRT.

The main object of the project is the conversion of an -exceptionally historical valued- archival material into a series of digital applications with the help of modern co-design tools and the collaboration of reliable partners working from different perspectives in the field of cultural heritage.


The aim is to highlight the ancient and modern cultural heritage of Athens as well as to deepen the narratives about its streets and buildings, through the route Vasilissis Sofias (Hilton) - Syntagma - Ermou (Kapnikarea). The buildings will be directly related to the stories and people who lived in them but also to the events that determined the fate of buildings and people.


The project includes three main pillars:


(a) Digital Knowledge Repository: a well-structured and properly designed (metadata, semantics, ontologies) repository of generated knowledge.

(b) Digital Narratives: designed in two different ways (i) for web / cartographic application and (ii) for mobile aims to enhance the user experience and the immediate transfer of knowledge.

(c) Participatory processes: planning a ‘spatial forum’, mobilizing and informing a targeted audience and creating an educational tool aimed at empowering teachers. Additional organization of artistic and pedagogical workshops.


Commonspace’s team through its many years of experience in participatory design and activation of the involved public coordinates the development of a Location Based Social Network, workshops and walks with residents, organizations and visitors of Athens and the co-production of a theatrical play but also educational activities related to the stories of the place.


More information about the project here.







ESPA 2014-2020

Project partners







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Commonspace's project team

Dimitris Poulios

George Velegrakis

Giouli Athousaki

Thanos Andritsos

Daphne Andritsou

Danai Liodaki

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