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PROMEnhance - Enhancing management profiles for innovative local development.

PROMEhnance is a project funded by the Erasmus plus programme belonging to the Cooperation partnerships in higher education (HED). Its main aim is to contribute to the professionalisation, at EU level, of participatory and innovative local development processes. 


Italy, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus,



2022-2025 (30 months)


This project has received funding from the Erasmus plus programme,

small scale partnerships under the code


Project Team 

Dionisia Koutsi / Thanos Andritsos - Project Managers

Dionisia Koutsi

Thanos Andritsos

Melina Vlachou

Under this context partners from Italy (University of Turin, S-NODI), Romania (University of Bucharest), Cyprus (Synthesis), Portugal (COFAC – Lusofona University) and Greece (Commonspace Coop) collaborate in order the following objectives to be achieved: 

  • To collect evidence of existing and most recent developments in the approaches of territorial communities to face the new challenges that the present phase of development is entailing;

  • To define emerging competence needs and to develop a reference competence framework to be used for a set of purposes;

  • To design and concept-test a modular curriculum prototype able to support several concrete job positions;

  • To offer learning opportunities and transnational professional learning community supported by a human and technological collaboration platform.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the main results of the projects are:

an analytical report on innovative practice of territorial development, a reference competence framework; a new Curricula Prototype, digital learning tools, transnational learning paths, guidelines and recommendations to help young professionals develop robust and imperative skills for innovative territorial development concepts to grow and to support that a multilingual learning community platform operating as a hub to organise virtual exchange learning activities across countries and institutions will also be delivered.

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