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Documentary 'Athenian Material' Screening and Discussion as part of the West Attica Fairville Lab's "Local Workshops" !!

SATURDAY 18 MAY, 19:00 at PROASTIO ART CENTRE in Ano Liosia (Stratigiou Liosi 40). 

Free entrance!

After the screening there will be a discussion with:

 - Laure Vermeersch (via zoom), director of the documentary

 - Agnès Deboulet, professor of sociology (Université Paris 8/UMR LAVUE [CNRS] and coordinator of the Fairville project,

 - George Velegrakis, post-doctoral researcher at the National Academy of Sciences, member of COMMONSPACE and researcher in charge of the Fairville project; and

 - Local residents who participated in the documentary.

The documentary "Athenian Material" (90') is a story about the landfill of Fili, a story about the people who live around and within it. According to the director the documentary is a poetic attempt to oppose our bodies as ordinary people, street cleaners, scavengers, artists, as people sensitive to environmental issues against a huge catastrophe.

The project Fairville: Facing Inequalities and democratic challenges through Co-production in Cities (HORIZON-CL2-2022-DEMOCRACY-01, Grant Agreement N°101094991) aims to document the social, economic and environmental inequalities and challenges facing contemporary cities. The project focuses on urban areas with limited access to basic structures such as health, transport, education, housing, etc., where spatial and social inequalities are identified and manifested in different areas of daily life. The idea that urban, social and environmental policies should not be made "for" the inhabitants but "with" them is at the heart of the project. Social, economic and environmental transformation is only possible through such essentially democratic policies.


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