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Invitation to workshop!

We all know what climate change means! But...

What does climate change mean for us?

How do we collectively experience it in our everyday life and in our neighbourhood?

In the context of the Erasmus+ Youth project EUTH CLIMATE (Fa bene., Caritas Srbije) we invite you to an experiential drama workshop in Elefsina, on the topic of climate change in our everyday life and its impact in our neighbourhoods.

Come to discuss and express ourselves together.

The main objective of the project is to enhance young people's participation in the debate on climate change (CC) and to mobilize them to plan actions at local level. In the case of Greece, we focus on West Attica, in neighborhoods that have been particularly affected in recent years by the impacts of climate change, either at the level of public space and everyday life (heatwave, polluted atmosphere due to industrial infrastructure) or at the level of extreme weather phenomenon and disasters (floods, fires).

If you are a resident of the area or active there, if you are involved in climate change issues, if you like theatre, if you work with young people, if you are a student in the fields of architecture, urban planning, urban design, environment, landscape or if you just want to come and meet us, we will be happy to meet you.

For registrations click here

*there will be a priority list


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