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Multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project OLA, Open Landscape Academy

In the framework of commonspace's co-organization with the Agricultural University of Athens of a week of intensive courses and events about landscape democracy, sustainability, and urban green from 24/5 to 31/5, we invite you to the 

Multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project OLA, Open Landscape Academy, Friday 24/5/2024, Conference Center Auditorium of the Agricultural University of Athens, 9:30-13:30

OLA - Democratic Landscape Transformation: Towards an Open Landscape Academy is an Erasmus+ project that aims to open a dialogue on participation and landscape democracy within universities, researchers, practitioners and local communities involved in the public space discourse. 

For more information, here

The event will introduce the project’s objectives, goals, and actions. Project partners from universities and groups abroad (Germany, Hungary, Italy, United States of America), local institutions, experts, researchers, and practitioners in space and landscape, as well as members of the IFLA Europe Med_net Working Group will participate in the event. 

The main research question of the event is: What makes an urban landscape democratic? And for Whom? 

See more about the events of the week here

*The event will be held in English.

Supported by the participatory LAB

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