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New Project ISL, Erasmus +

It's February already and our brand new ISL project, Erasmus+, has officially started with the first partners’ meeting in Berlin!

In a rich and creative two days workshop on January 21-22, the partners met to co-design all the participatory workshops that will take place within the project! The goal of the ISL project is to promote participatory processes in island regions by highlighting the role of local actors in promoting sustainable cultural tourism practices with an emphasis on local values and the authenticity of island regions.

In fact, partners from

Greece (Commonspace Co-op ),

will organize in total 6 participatory workshops focusing on the element of insularity and local sustainable cultural tourism development!

Next Stop for the first pilot workshop in Greece ⏩ Leros!

Follow the project partners on social media and the participatory LAB for more information in the future!


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