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Thank you for the fantastic three days

The 2nd conference on participatory design has ended. Despite the fatigue, we are full of joy, satisfaction, and love for the place of dialogue and creation created in the beautiful venue of Plyfa.

The event was a complete success, with over 500 attendees and hundreds more online views, around 30 sessions, almost 200 speakers, and international guests from Egypt, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, and the USA. But what exceeded our expectations was the liveliness of the discussion, the richness of the dialogue, and the interest in the presentations and workshops. A community of research and professional collaboration has been created and is expanding daily.

We thank you for participating and responding to our call to "understandand change the city."

We also express our gratitude to all the people who worked hard and contributed to the organization of this three-day celebration.

We don't say "goodbye". We'll see you soon.

We, Commonspace Co-op, are committed to putting all our efforts into continuing the dialogue and co-creation of the living community of Participatory Lab.

We are deeply grateful to the Green Fund for the support without which the conference could not have taken place.


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