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The ISL, Erasmus plus project came to an end!

The ISL, Erasmus plus project came to an end receiving at thew same time the label of good practice at European level by reaching 95/100 in the final evaluation of its results!

The aim of the project was to promote participatory processes for the creation of Island Communities of Practice (ICoP) for the sustainable tourism development of islands!

Traveling to Leros, Cyprus and Sardinia, the experience gained is reflected in one of the most important deliverables of the project, which is now available through the Participatory Lab repository at the following address!

It is a comprehensive training guide for those interested in learning more about Island Communities of Practice for Tourism giving information on how ICoPs are set up and the role of participatory processes in this. Inside the guide you will find both theoretical and practical tips and exercises to address key challenges that arise in island workshops!

Good reading... and practice!


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