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We invite you to the event "WATER AS A COMMON GOOD" on Sunday 2 October in Chalandri

We are very happy that in the framework of the Cultural HIDRANT project the event "WATER AS A COMMON GOOD: Examples of participatory and community management of water resources and networks" will take place on Sunday 2 October, 11.00, Cine Athina (18 Solomou Street, Halandri).

We will be joined by Anne Le Strat, former deputy mayor of Paris, protagonist of the re-municipalisation of the Paris water utility (2010-2011) and the introduction of participatory modes of governance, and Edurne Bagué, UNESCO researcher on Human & Sustainable Development at the University of Girona and member of the Water Observatory of the city of Teraza (Catalonia), who also re-municipalised the water services (2017-2018) and introduced participatory modes of governance. They were joined by George Sachinis, Director of Strategy and Innovation of EYDAP, former member of the steering committee of GWOPA - UN Habitat and Kostas Gerolymatos, Deputy Mayor of Planning & e-Government and Waste Management of the Municipality of Halandri and responsible for Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T.-UIA.

With this event we open the discussion and process for the creation of a water solidarity community that will curate the water of the Adrian Aqueduct as a common good.

We invite you all to our extremely interesting and hopefully innovative project!

Cine Athina (18 Solomou Street, Halandri)

Free entrance

11.00 am.

See more information here


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