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Exhibition: Atlas of Mediterranean Liquidity

A walking map of the water points of Athens

Exhibition duration: 19/1 - 16/3/2023

Goethe Institutes in the Mediterranean have joined forces to develop a series of digital maps on water as a valuable natural resource in the Mediterranean region. In this context, artists and creatives in collaboration with scientists were commissioned to design interactive maps through which a polyphonic collection of new perspectives and narratives about our relationship with the element of water emerges.

For the digital map on Greece, the local partners of the project - the collaborative-interdisciplinary design team Commonspace in Athens and the project team of geographer-biologist Stamatis Zogaris - focus on the city of Athens. Their research around urban space and the biodiversity of the city's scarce water elements come together at the Goethe-Institut Athens to create an installation that gives the capital's public access to a so-far "unseen" map of water.

Designed by Athenian architect Eleni Spyridakis, the interactive map of Athens "comes to life" in the space of the Goethe-Institut Athen, where it is hosted. Furthermore, a reading corner in the institute is dedicated to the library's titles on water as a natural resource.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday 19 January, 19:00 - 20:00, at the Goethe-Institut Athen.


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