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"Open Malls" - Proposals approval

Commonspace is pleased to announce the approval of three proposals for the Municipalities of Corinthos, Karditsa and Kallithea for the opening of "Open Malls", in which we participated in cooperation with "Lever - Development Consultants SA".

In the program for Open Trade Centers, where proposals were made for interventions in commercial shops, as well as urban design interventions in the public space of the central commercial axes of the cities, it was important that the positive results not only concerned the aesthetic upgrading of the public space.The study team also aimed at functional upgrading, based on the needs of users, in order to strengthen public spaces that could in turn strengthen and commercialize the local market.


In terms of design, the proposals moved into a non-invasive climate with design suggestions that adapt to the aesthetic choices and the existing brand identity and the character of each region. They concern both the upgrading of the infrastructure of the shops with indicative interventions, the addition of aesthetic elements, the upgrading of lighting, shelters and signs, colors, the addition of green plantings and the promotion of the public space that surrounds them by upgrading their technical infrastructures such as lighting, pavements and upgrading of urban equipment with the addition of seating benches with interesting aesthetics and functionality, toys for children, recycling bins, intelligent city systems Who will be able to synthesize the character of the commercial centers of the municipalities.For us, every site maintains its profile and its ability to meet the practical needs of its users, so all the proposals have moved around the desire to preserve and promote this identity of the public space and the local market, in order to their empowerment.

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