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12th International Conference HGS - 2019

As part of the dissemination of the research results and publicity of the ppCITY research project, commonspace presents a speech entitled "A Cool Center at Kalama and Avlonos junction. A pilot project of participatory urban design through an e-platform ». Speech by the new researcher, Architect Engineer, Anastasia Christaki at the 12th International Conference of the Hellenic Geographical Society (ICHGS - 2019), on Sunday 3/11 at the School of Rural Surveyors of NTUA.

On the occasion of the pilot implementation that will take place in the neighborhood of Sepolia, commonspace presents the methodology and the participatory planning tools that are being developed. The research aims to develop structured steps for meaningful and equitable participation of public space users in planning processes and decision-making. The pilot project involves the design of a plot by residents and stakeholders of the neighborhood through a ppWebGIS platform with a basic design principle to relieve high summer temperatures and create a cool spot in the neighborhood.

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