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Approval of the proposal "Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T." of Urban Innovative Actions

We are pleased to announce that the proposal "Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T." submitted under the 5th call for European funding framework Urban Innovative Actions, is one of the proposals to be funded.

UIA is the most competitive and innovative program for urban intervention actions as 222 proposals were submitted from 23 different countries and 11 were finally selected.

The coordinator of the project is the Municipality of Halandri, which together with EYDAP SA, inspired the excellent idea of ​​promoting the Hadrian's Aqueduct "Adrianeio Ydragwgeio" in a strategy of defending the cultural heritage and upgrading the public space. On this basis, Commonspace Co-op undertook the writing of the proposal (in a team that included Sofia Tsadari, George Velegrakis and our very close collaborator Irini Iliopoulou).

Congratulations to the entire project team in which, apart from the Municipality of Halandri, EYDAP and Commonspace, the PANTEION UNIVERSITY, the experienced company of Architecture and Urban Design Thymios Papayannis and Associates Inc., participates. - TPA, the MEDINA Institute (Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos), the innovative N.G.O. "Oxi Paizoume" (UrbanDig Project) and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Eastern Attica.

This is a project of great local and cultural value as it aims to highlight the Hadrian's Aqueduct as part of the cultural heritage of the Municipality, but also the wider area. The project will utilize Hadrian as a cultural and environmental community for the city beyond the usual "attraction" approach. Water becomes the medium of cultural heritage and conversely the cultural heritage leads to the re-sustainable use of water in the city.

Commonspace will participate in the project as responsible for participatory planning, with its experience in the full participation of neighborhood residents, students, and local businesses in all phases of the project. We hope to help in the successful implementation of a very important project of supra-local importance, and we have the special pleasure of participating in such a remarkable and specialized team.

We thank again the Municipality of Halandri for the trust and the cooperation.

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